Semiconductor Integrated Display Technology Co., Ltd.located in Sanshan Economic Development Zone, Wuhu City, Anhui Province, is mainly engaged in the research and manufacturing of Micro OLED micro displays. It is committed to providing global users with Micro OLED micro display products and technical support. Based on the accumulation of 8-inch production line technology, SIDTEK established a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wuhu Micro Display Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. in 2020, and fully launched the construction of a 12 inch Micro OLED production line project, The total investment of the project is 6 billion yuan, and the monthly production capacity of Phase A is 6000 pieces (stacked OLED devices). The equipment is planned to be moved in in October 2023, and will be completed and put into operation in 2024. The product is widely used in fields such as AR/VR/MR, electronic viewfinder, and micro projector. In recent years, 388patents have been applied for, including 223 invention patents. The Wuhu Semiconductor Micro Display Key R&D Innovation Platform has been established, and the Wuhu New Display Innovation Consortium has been jointly established. We have passed ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, as well as system certifications for integrated management and intellectual property management. In 2020, he won the "Best VR&AR Hardware Award" at the Asia VR&AR Expo, and in 2022, he won the second prize in the Growth Group of the first Yangtze River Delta G60 Science and Technology Innovation Corridor and Industrial Innovation Competition under the "Creating a Winning Future". In 2023, it was awarded the honor of "Leading Enterprise in 2023 China's New Micro Display Technology". In 2023, it was recognized as a "specialized, refined, and innovative" small and medium-sized enterprise in Anhui Province. In 2023, its wholly-owned subsidiary won the second place in the "Wuhu Entrepreneurship Competition" and was recognized as a high-level talent team.

SIDTEK. was officially established
Establishment of R&D Center
The first generation micro display chip lights up
Formation of mass production team
The first phase of equipment moved in
The first phase of product production is lit up
Product mass production
Preparation for Phase II
Corporate culture

Committed to becoming a leader in the semiconductor micro display industry!

Core values
Professional, efficient, innovative, and outstanding
Technology makes the world more exciting!

Full "core" and meticulous attention to detail

Product idea

Exquisite technology and lean manufacturing of exquisite products

Honorary qualifications
The company actively cooperates with well-known domestic universities and institutions in industry, academia, and research, and has received policy support such as "Wuhu Key R&D Platform" and "Several Policies to Support 5G Development". It has also been awarded honorary titles such as Vice President Unit and Other Council Units of the "Wuhu Semiconductor Industry Association"; And has passed ISO9001, ISO45001, ISO14001, ISO27001 system certification, as well as certification for integrated management of industrialization and industrialization, intellectual property management, and other systems.
Patent certificate
SIDTEK adheres to independent innovation and has developed key technologies such as high-precision dedicated anodes, high-performance OLED devices, high reliability thin film packaging, and high-precision vacuum bonding. It has applied for 420 patents, including 251 invention patents and 182 authorized ones. The company is at an advanced level in the industry in core technology fields such as circuit development, anode fabrication, OLED device optimization, and TFE.